Have a home to share

1. Do you have a suitable space to share or could you affordably create one?

2. What will make or break a roommate relationship for you?

      Make a list of your "must-haves" and "can't live withs" 

      Take the time to really think about who you are and what you need, be honest with yourself and consider                what you are willing to compromise.

3. Create an ad.

     Use your extended network by asking friends to post the ad in their communities. Types of extended networks       could be church groups, employee listservs, alumni newsletters, clubs of people with a common interest, and       veterans groups. Really anywhere that people are in communication with one another. What extended                   networks do you have through your friends? How could you use them to help you find a suitable housemate or       two?

     There are many places to post an ad, see rental availability page on this website. The College of the Rockies         also has a space for listing your property click here for link to College website 


4. Reference checks and interviews or "get to know you" meetings are very important. References should                   include work supervisors, professors, colleagues, a former landlord, not just friends and family.

     You can also ask potential tenants for information about their ability to pay rent and with their consent, you can       request a credit report.

4. Once you find a suitable roommate a contract including financial and household responsibilities should be signed by both parties.


Looking for a home to share

Check ads regularly, see rental availability page on this website

Post your own ad looking for shared space.

Give a few details about yourself, do you have pets, children, a job, are you quiet, a homebody or out most of the time? Anything you feel would make you a good match for the right person.