The new facility opened in the fall of 2017. Inspired by a similar model at an Ohio retirement home, students from Western University's Faculty of Music get to live in the home rent-free, in exchange for committing 12 hours per week to spending time with the seniors. 

Question: What did you enjoy most about the experience of communal living? What projects (some examples could include communal meals, cultural events, shared workspaces) did your community work on, and what would you have liked to see more of?

 Increasingly, female boomers and older women — both bosom buddies and strangers — are moving in together as a way to save money and form a community.

When Florence's husband died she said she "desperately needed company". She was one of nine million adults in the UK who say they are often, or always, lonely. By chance, Florence came across homesharing in the letters page of a newspaper. The initiative aims to tackle loneliness by matching older people looking for companionship with a younger person in need of somewhere to live.

There's an unprecedented shortage of affordable housing. Luckily, an efficient, creative solution is in the works; a win-win solution for students and 50+.

The UK has appointed Tracey Crouch as Minister for Loneliness; and the CBC interviewed Ruth Bamber, Development Manager at PossAbilities Homeshare, about the work she does to help the elderly who feel lonely. Homesharer, 

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Cranbrook Shared Housing Lived Experiences


I have had one or two young people renting for many years. I tried the foreign student billeting program from the college but found that it kept me too busy cooking every day. A “Shared Accommodation” ad on Kijiji is free and adding a picture helps. My ad is very specific about what my rules are and I only take either fully employed or full time students at the college. My rental agreement also lists all my rules including a 10 day trial period where they can be told to leave because of non-compatibility. No smokers and no overnight visitors are two rules that are deal breakers for me. We both sign the agreement and I keep it. Over many years I have only had to evict three people. Because of the contract I have never had difficulty getting rid of unsatisfactory renters. If I feel they are not keeping the basement bathroom clean enough then I

reinstate the ten day trial and they always improve. I have two bedrooms in my basement that I rent. Always either two male or two female renters, never mixed. There is one bathroom, a refrigerator, microwave, washer and dryer, sitting area and storage for their shared use. They come upstairs to the kitchen to use the stove. My current renters have been here two years. Rent money has helped me afford a two week winter holiday and taken away the stress of worrying about increased costs every year.