Could you benefit from any or all of the following:

  • Help around the house (yard work, cooking, cleaning, shopping) 

  • Financial Assistance (to make ends meet, a holiday, to share with someone special)

  • Companionship (playing cards/games, visiting, cooking or gardening together, building friendship with like minded people) Even if you're not close with your roommate, having someone else around to connect with is valuable and helps us with feelings of loneliness or isolation.

  • Home Security (Having a roommate adds convenience, house or pet sitting when you are gone, the comfort of having another person in the house so you are not alone)

Consider how your life would improve if you were to have a roommate (or two!)

​It’s about what works for you. All home share situations are unique and can be tailored to suit each roommate. It’s about starting off on the right foot, knowing your needs and being clear about your expectations. A successful home share is about finding the right person to fit into your life and maybe just making it richer.

If you are nervous about living with someone, you can try it out for a short-term. Then if you discover that you like it, you can do it for longer. 

Read the stories about real people living in shared housing.


Here’s how you might start:

  • Play with the idea, imagine yourself in various situations.

  • Talk to your friends and family about it.

  • Look around your current home. How could you make private space for others? Does it already exist or would it be affordable to create?

  • ​Start a list of your “must-haves” and “can’t-live withs” in a roommate.

Successful home sharing takes honesty, care, clarity about who you are and what you need.
Creating a safe home with others doesn’t happen overnight, but it is completely doable.